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Trainings play a very important role in the MGN service offer. We organize meetings for various groups of recipients, both managerial staff and production employees, depending on the needs. A properly selected training cycle, supported by deep knowledge and many years of experience of MGN experts, will easily and quickly translate into improved ergonomics and work efficiency of our clients.

Examples of MGN training topics
  • Support for single (or group) auto ID devices (terminals, scanners, printers)
  • Software Support (by MGN)
  • Support and configuration of wireless networks (WiFi)

How MGN works

Regardless of whether the subject of the training is to use the simplest office printer or software, we always meet the requirements of our partners. The implementation of the training is preceded by a thorough preparation phase, which affects its effectiveness. Before the meeting, we will present you with an outline for approval, including the subject and scheme of the training, as well as the cost estimate, depending on the place and size of the training group.

Benefit package

Employees who are able to diagnose the source of the problem at critical moments and are able to neutralize it are one of the most important resources of any organization. The more such people in the team, the more unwavering are the processes affecting the smooth operation of the company. We are able to conduct professional and effective training in any place, regardless of the number of participants. The only limitation is the time we get for preparation and implementation.

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